Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cause and effect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Cause and effect - Essay Example Now, that Nancy finds it difficult to walk because of her obesity, her parents intend to sue one of the popular fast food restaurants in town. Parents and not the fast food restaurants are to be blamed for child obesity which makes them sluggish and lowers their self-esteem. Wealth causes parents to be unnecessarily fulfilling towards the demands of their children. In the case under discussion, Nancy’s parents have wealth. According to them, having wealth means one should get all one wishes for. They feel blessed that they are rich and are able to use their money to fulfill every demand of their child. In addition to that, there are several other factors that increase the tendency of rich children to become obese. There are servants to serve them, so they do not have to move much. Moreover, parents remain on work for most of the time. Lack of parental attention causes children to set patterns for themselves, like Nancy did in this case. Obesity is common in rich people because the lifestyle is conducive for that. Later, when they discover that their child is harmed by the junk food consumption, they tend to use their money to sue the fast food restaurant. ... It is the parents that fundamentally set the pattern for their children. Therefore, parents are to be blamed for the unhealthy eating habits of their children. They should not have fulfilled their daughter’s desire for junk food day and night. Instead, they should have inculcated the habit of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in her. Much of the wrong eating habits of Nancy can be attributed to her parents. What makes it worse is that instead of realizing where the problem roots, the parents decide to sue the fast food restaurant they make a regular customer of. This is a mere wastage of time and money and a very useless way of solving the problem. Obesity lowers an individual’s self-esteem by way of added laziness. Obesity is fundamentally the name of condition in which an individual gains weight without increasing the height. The increase of weight makes the individual sluggish and laggard. In the case under consideration, Nancy can not participate in the marathon race in the school because she is too obese for that. What to talk of running, Nancy can hardly even walk with the speed, energy and agility with which girls of her age normally do. In her home, she keeps sitting on her bed all day long. She does not even bother to make it to the fast food restaurant. Instead, she makes use of the free home delivery service most fast food restaurants provide their customers with. Now, that she weighs 70 kilos in the tenth year of her life, she can not be involved in many physical activities. Her obesity has become her weakness. Her friends make fun of her and call her names. Nancy gets emotionally hurt by such attitude of her class fellows, and prefers to stay alone. Over the years, she has become a loner. She remains alone in

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